“Moonwalker III” robot simulation with Sketchyphysics

We are giving Sketchup a try, as it is free and will work on Mey’s OSX and my Lunix (via wine and some tweaking).

We called one of the robot models/alternatives in process of development “Moonwalker III”, as it will use bristles on its legs to slide like Michael’s famous movement.

This is an animation of the basic model with Sketchyphysics simulation:

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Speech at Scope Sessions Berlin

Yesterday we gave a short speech in the Scope Seesions event. To let the audience know our respective backgrounds, Mey showed her Lumibots and I the robotic Quad Play. Then we exposed the ongoing project.

There was a nice feedback from the audience and a debate started about the most convinient way towards “artificial intelligence”: either a set of rules performed by a swarm, whose emergent behavior would the appear to us as “intelligently organised”; or to set up a neural networks and let the robots learn to reach their goals.


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Hot Melt Adhesive Climbing Robot

I had the pleasure to meet Fumiya Iida from the Bio-Inspired Robotics Lab at ETH Z├╝rich at Robots on Tour. His group researches on unconventional locomotion (e.g. hopping) that uses passive mechanical dynamics for energy efficiency, and on thermoplastic adhesives (hot glue) in robotic applications. Here’s a video of their ultra-cool climbing robot that glues its foot to the wall with hot melt:

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