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Thoughts on the Upend version

Some scribbled variations on the Upend idea.

The hinge could be either integrated in the robots, or the connection between the robots. I think I prefer the former, because a hinge could make the connection weak.


Falling and landing
A symmetric construction avoids the problem of the robots landing on their back when falling. The robots could also be round (barrel-shaped) so they will – hopefully – automatically turn when landing on their sides.

Staying upright
Maybe the hinge could automatically block when the robot is upended, keeping it from keeling over? The robots could stick together on their flat sides. A connection in the gap (e.g. magnets or a slightly sticky surface) might also help to stabilise the tower.


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Robot rulez

Thinking of an approach that would allow Emergence, David and I tried to identify some of the rules that will control the robots’ behaviour:

check status: horizontal or vertical
> if vertical then stop motors (?)

check status: upside up or upside down
> if upside down, change motor direction

check light intensity:
> compare to previous value
>> if higher than previous value 
>>> if more on right side, turn right (e.g.  stop right  motor)
>>> if more on left side, turn left (e.g. stop left motor)
>>> if equal go straight
>> if lower than previous value, change motor direction (go backwards)

check status: collision
> check if wall or other robot
>> if wall, then turn
>> if other robot check if it's its front or back
>>> if front, then keep going
>>> if back, follow its orders (e.g. left and right LED)

check status: following other robot? 
> if yes, follow its orders (e.g. left and right LED)


light/color gradient on floor

check light intensity:
> compare to previous value
>> if higher/lower than previous value, keep going
>> if lower/higher than previous value, turn (in one or random direction)

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